Wireless Home Security System or Wired Security System – Which Is the Right Choice

Wireless security systems and hardwired security systems are actually the most popular types of security systems that are available for homes today. If you are planning on investing in any of these security systems for your home, then here are some things that you should consider.


When compared with the installation procedures that follow the wired security systems, wireless home alarm systems are easy to install. Many websites even offer DIY procedures for installing the wireless home security systems within few hours. It is easier to add some motion sensors or devices for wireless security system than the wired security systems.


The maintenance of wired security systems is actually easier when compared with the maintenance of the wireless security systems. You will have to change the batteries of the wireless security system after a certain time period, and this is not the case with the wired security systems. The battery replacement should be done at least once a year for reliable working of wireless security systems.


When you are moving from one place to another, you may have to take the home security system that you have installed in your old place to your new home. During such cases, you may have to dismantle many security units, unscrew the sensors and detectors and so on. If you install wireless security system, then moving the security system becomes easier for you and more cost effective.

Both the wired and wireless security systems have their own sets of pros and cons. It helps to understand them in detail before you make your decision.

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