Why rest is a critical dimension of good health

Every human needs to take rest for a specific period of time. The amount of sleep that is required differs from age to age. Therefore, newborn infants sleep longer, teenagers require anywhere between 8 to 9 hours of sleep, while full grown adults require around 7 hours of sleep every day. On average, every individual spends almost one-third of his or her life sleeping. This is the bodies requirements. It is during this period of rest that the body carries out certain functions which are important. This is exactly why it is important to invest in a good mattress from Mattress Store Scottsdale.  

The brain puts the body into a state of semi-paralysis

When you sleep your body is put into a state of semi-paralysis by the brain. It is during this state of semi-paralysis that the recovery and repair of your tissues occurs. Without this crucial period of rest, your body will not recover from the days’ physical activities and exertion. While you may not be aware of the effects of lack of sleep, you are bound to experience the ramifications of this over a period of time. Additionally, you will also wake up feeling tired. This is in sharp contrast to an individual who has rested properly – he or she will wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Consolidation of memory

During the fourth stage of sleep which is popularly known as the rapid eye movement of sleep, the brain carries out consolidation activities. In other words, your brain will put together all the events and incidents that need to be memorized. It is this consolidation that gives every human the ability to learn, to pick up skills and use the skills gainfully. An individual who does not have sufficient rest is more likely to wake up feeling groggy and out of focus. This is because the brain has not received the right kind of rest for the consolidation to happen.

The impact of a good mattress on sleep

A good mattress from Mattress Store Scottsdale  helps an individual to sleep better. The classic example is the deep slumber that everyone enjoys when sleeping in a luxury hotel. The quality of the mattress and the ambiance helps individuals to sleep better and comfortably. With the right kind of mattress, you can achieve the same in your home every single day. All that you need to do this pick a mattress that is most suitable for your sleeping position. Choose a material that will give you the ultimate luxury.

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