Why Is Brain Plus IQ The Best Product In The Market?

Memory enhancing supplements need to be at par with the highest pharmaceutical standards. A great cognitive enhancement product should possess 3 generic qualities-

  • It should be safe
  • It should be effective
  • It should be affordable


With Brain Plus IQ you get all of these qualities and much more. Here are a few dedicated reasons why the product is such a smashing success in its niche.

Works efficiently for adults above the age of 30 years and above

Most memory enhancement supplements work on younger minds. The truth is young people still have a natural ability to retain memory and increase brain functions naturally. However, it is the adults and the elderly that start feeling the effects of a waning brain function with age. Brain Plus is the only product in the market that has shown high effective rate for adults above the age of 30 years.


Extremely safe to use

The product uses a natural complex called phosphatidylserine as its core ingredient. This allows the product to be very safe to use for all kinds of individuals. Absence of synthetic ingredients brings down the chances of side effects. The product is also developed, tested, and taken through clinical trials in an FDA approved facility.

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