Why Integrated Home Automation Is Better For You

It has been a hot topic among several experts over the last few years. A truly smart home has a connection of things that can all be controlled by one single interface. The ability to turn-off the lights or change the temperature of your house using your mobile phone.

Such integration, while useful, also brings with it several problems. The most important of them are the lack of integration.

What can we control?

The list of things we can control keeps getting bigger each and every day.  We’ve moved on to being able to control the lights, the thermostat, our alarm system and home appliances which are all connected to the internet.

With the advancements in tech, the list of what we can control gets bigger every day.


What do you need?

What you need is a single app to control them all for starters. All these appliances have apps provided by their manufacturers and work fine, but it is just too many apps. You ideally want one single app to control all your needs. Change the temperature or preheat your oven, or even move your cameras around, all of it should be under one single app. It gives a universal control to your house.

Another important thing to consider is encryption. Most home cameras sold today have no encryption or a very pitiful one, and are extremely easy to hack. Find a system that provides encryption and keeps your appliances safe.

Keeping all this in mind, you can find a company that provides you all of this. Several companies provide home security systems Edmonton. Several solutions can be found online.

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