Who Is Responsible For Bedbug Infestation – Landlord Or Tenants? Bedbug Lawyer Can Help

Bedbugs are monsters thriving under the bed. Bedbug treatment is very expensive. Legal Responsibilities in bedbug situation related to tenants and landlords differ a lot across the United States. You can take help from bed bug lawyer New York for taking legal actions.



  • Landlords are responsible to maintain their premises and keep them in habitable condition, which includes pest-free.
  • They hardly desire bedbug infestation because Property Management Company or landlord can suffer from high treatment cost, lawsuits, lost rent, and damaged reputation.
  • Therefore, several conscientious landlords conduct bedbug inspection before renting.
  • Bedbug-free document protects them from liabilities.


  • If a tenant purchases second hand furniture or clothes or decorative items bedbugs can get introduced in their apartment.
  • Tenants can even pick up bedbugs, while travelling from hotels, public transportation or venues and carry them home.
  • Tenants often try to make landlords pay for costly bedbug treatment.
  • Some of them even sue landlords for damages

Determine responsibility of bedbug infestation

  • It is hard to decide whether the landlord or tenant is liable for the bedbug issue.
  • If the lender holds a bed-bug free document means the tenant is responsible.
  • You can check other tenants in the building to find out if everyone is experiencing bedbug issue.
  • Bedbugs spread in many units’ means a wide issue and your landlord is responsible.


What to do?

  • If the tenant is responsible for infestation then get it treated or you can get evicted.
  • If cause is unclear then landlord and tenants can split treatment cost.
  • In case, the apartment was already infested and you can prove it then landlord pays for the treatment

Many states allow tenants to break lease agreement or withhold rent, if landlord does not take action. You can approach bedbug lawyer for help!

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