What to look for while buying a latex mattress – A technical guide to check the quality

Latex mattresses are a popular choice of mattresses among the buyers. However, with the increase in online sale of mattresses, many manufacturers try to lure the visitors to buy their mattresses. They boast of several features of their mattresses. The features are not true most of the times.

Here is a technical guide to learn the right technical specifications and processes of latex mattress to save the user from false hopes.


What is pure latex?

Pure latex is 100% derived from rubber tree. The sap of the rubber tree is used for making latex mattress Houston.The sap is usually hand collected. It is in liquid form while the laborers collect it from the tree. The liquid sap is then poured into large molds and pressurized to make mattresses.

While manufacturing the pin hole density, amount of latex, and the initiator are adjusted for different firmness of the mattress.

Advantages of pure latex

  1. It is chemical free and best suited for nature lovers
  2. It resists dust and mites.
  3. It gives a floating effect while twisting and turning.

Synthetic latex mattress

Synthetic latex mattress Houstonare made by adding foam to the latex. The foam is added when the latex is in liquid form. These mattresses are not 100% pure. The difference between the pure latex mattress and the synthetic latex mattress is that the pure latex mattress is firmer.

The other type of pure natural mattress is when the mold is half filled. It is then sealed and left for few days. The latex rises and fills the mold. These mattresses take time and are soft in nature. They are softer than the synthetic latex mattresses.


Never fall for terms like Bio Foam, Ultra foam, dream foam, etc. They are all synthetic latex mattresses. One can find the originality only by checking it in the store. Synthetic latex mattresses should be less expensive than the natural latex mattress Houston.This is because, the comfort level of natural mattresses and their health benefits are more than the synthetic mattresses.

Firmness ratings

Usually the firmness ratings of the latex mattress is mentioned as Indentation Force Deflection (IFD). It is the pounds of force required to compress the mattress. It can be the following

  1. 35 – 45 – firm
  2. 23 – 35 – medium

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