What kind of mattresses can you find?

If you are reading this it is because you have probably realized that you need a mattress and you have decided that it is time to buy a new piece from Mattress Store Denver.

If you are looking for the right mattress for you and your family it is essential that you know that there are many types of mattresses. None of them is better than other, simply each material and construction is better suited to the needs of certain people better than others.

Mattress types exist according to two fundamental characteristics:

  • Used material
  • The manufacturing techniques used

Memory foam mattress

One of the favorite options for Mattress Store Denver. Previous traditional spring mattresses prevailed; now, everything is different with memory foam. It is a high quality foam that is able to adapt to body temperature and give way, taking the shape of the figure.

This type of mattress is ideal for people who prefer to sleep on their side, since it perfectly fits the shape of the shoulders and hips. For the same reason it is suitable for people who suffer constant back pain.

The negative part of this type of mattresses is that they are not good breathable materials and therefore, they are not good regulators of temperature.

Springs ones

Ideal, among other cases, to be used in any Mattress Store Denver. They are composed of a network of springs covered with several layers of fabric that isolate them and provide comfort and different degrees of firmness, depending on the material of said layers. You can find spring mattresses covered with latex, cotton or even viscoelastic. Between its characteristics it is possible to emphasize that:

  • They are extremely fresh and also, they allow to rescue the virtues of other materials thanks to their coatings. However, they cannot be considered as comfortable as viscoelastic.
  • They are ideal for people of great weight or who prefer to sleep on their back.
  • They work well for children since they need resistant mattresses and do not give up too much since their spine is still in formation.

Latex options

This is the hypoallergenic material par excellence. It is very fresh and is ideal as a coating. It usually works better in combinations.

Great combinations

In general, all mattresses are combinations of various materials, but one of them usually prevails. The combinations provided are ideal to rescue the greatest benefits of each material in one piece.

For example, if you like the sensation generated by viscoelastic but dislike it generates so much heat (nothing feasible if you live in a very hot place) then it is much better to opt for a combination of material with a viscoelastic layer, a comfortable piece but much more fresh. Best of all, you can find a wide range of mattresses of this style at Mattress Store Denver.

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