What is the Difference between a Periodontist Las Vegas and General Dentist

You may be a bit surprised when your Las Vegas dentist refers you to a Periodontist Las Vegas. You are bound to wonder what it is that a Periodontist does that a general dentist cannot do and how are the two different; the answer to the commonly asked question is as listed below.

Specializing in Oral Diseases

Your general dentist is usually concerned with teeth cleaning, plaque removal, teeth whitening and other regular oral procedures to maintain dental health. On the other hand, a periodontist goes many steps further to effectively treat various oral diseases and contain the impact of such diseases on other parts of your body.

Surgical Skills

A periodontist is adept at treating gum diseases, and his or her expertise often goes beyond that of a regular dentist. These professionals are trained to perform various oral surgeries including but not limited to the placement of dental implants.

The objective of a periodontist is to help patients with severe and complex oral and teeth issues with periodontal plastic surgery and regenerative surgery.

The area of expertise of a periodontist is sure to go beyond surgical procedures and often includes diagnosis and treatment with drugs and medications.

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