Top Ways to Build Your Car Accident Case Using Just Your Phone

Most of us spend our lives planning. We plan our work, we plan out future, we plan our retirement and we also plan the lives of our parents and children. But when it comes to a car accident, we do not think much. You might be stresses or angry and have no idea what to do next. You have too much on your mind to think about what steps you need to take and what exactly needs to be done.

Even if you are unprepared for an accident, you can make a big difference to your case if you are thinking of filing for a personal injury claim. While you are at the scene of the accident, you can a lot of things using just your cell phone.

emergency kit

Here are the top ways you can gather evidence to make sure that the car accident claim goes in your favour without much effort –

  • Firstly call 911 from your cell phone and report the accident. Most cell phones today allow people to record their conversation. Make sure you record it and timestamp your calls.
  • Most phones have cameras today and can take high quality pictures. While you may not have any emergency kit with you all the time, you have your cell phone with you take can do wonders other than take selfies. Take pictures of the damages to your car, the exact placement of the vehicles at the accident scene and the weather conditions too.
  • Video – While pictures can be great evidence, you can also take video of the scene that allows you to not just take a full picture of the accident, but also the reactions of the people, their manner and the voices just moments into the crash. Try to record as much as possible even if you feel that they will be of no help. You might never know which ones are the important ones.
  • Notepads – Your phone has a notepad feature where you can take notes. Use this feature to note down names, addresses and also contact information in a way that you can read it correctly later on.

emergency kit

When you contact an experienced lawyer after the accident, you can provide him with all the evidences to get you the compensation you deserve. Since you have already done most of the hard work, now you can relax and let the lawyer do his work.

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