Top reasons to turn to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes!

E-cigarettes are modern cigarettes which have almost replaced traditional tobacco cigarettes. People are turning towards e-cigs as they are safer for their health and give the same feel of smoking a tobacco cigarette without risking your health.

An e-cigarette is a kind of device which runs on battery and is used by people to smoke. It creates the same smoke and feel of a tobacco cigarette without burning tobacco. E-cigarette NZ offers lots of benefits, and it is the primary reason why people are shifting to tobacco smoking to e-cigarettes.

What are the most significant advantages of using e-cigarettes?


A smoking habit can put a huge burden on your pocket as traditional cigarettes are quite expensive, and if a person is a heavy smoker, then he may have to buy multiple cigarettes every day, which can increase your monthly expenditure to a great extent.

E-cigarettes are quite cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, and they run on battery, so you need not buy one again and again. You can easily recharge it to use it, and the vape liquids used in it are quite cheap and last for multiple weeks easily.

No ash

Ash is one of the most significant disadvantages of using tobacco cigarettes as you need to have an ashtray everywhere you go as throwing ash anywhere can be dangerous, but while using e-cigarettes, you need not find an ashtray as no ash is produced.

Adding to there is no tobacco smoke, which reduced the harmful impacts of smoking on the lungs and allowed people to enjoy smoking without risking their lives.

No odor or marks

When you smoke a tobacco cigarette, it leaves some ugly yellow marks on your finger and also makes you smell awful.

You need not worry about any of such issues while using e-cigarettes as they neither leaves any mark on your hands nor leaves any nasty smell or odour.



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