Top 3 Highlights Why Brain Plus IQ Is The Best Cognitive Enhancer

In today’s competitive world, very few products that work on sharpening your most important asset – the brain. Cognitive enhancers have been developed very recently with emphasis on improved memory and brain function. However, Brain Plus IQ has taken the market by storm with its unique pro points that make it a class apart from other shady products being marketed online.

Works with a single core ingredient

The product works primarily with a single core ingredient – phosphatidylserine. This ingredient helps in sharpening brain function and enhances memory. The complex has shown particularly high functionality in reducing risk factors related to cognitive dysfunction in older people.

Naturally occurring complex

The complex, phosphatidylserine is naturally occurring which limits the disadvantages that might be otherwise apparent with the use of a synthetic supplement. This reduces chances of side effects and drug rejection by wider categories of people.


Testing in FDA GMP campus

The drug has gone through rigorous testing and clinical trials before it has been launched in the market. The product has been developed and tested in a FDA GMP facility, which heightens the safety markers of the product. The dosage of the complex Phosphatidylserine is according to the pharmaceutical standards followed for most effective nootropics.

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