Tips on Selecting the Best Manual Staple Gun

A staple gun is perhaps the best tool to have around a household which can take care of number of repair work around in the house like taking care of loose fabrics of sofa, chair etc., securing wires, replacing kitchen chair seat covers etc. However, when one goes out to purchase, one gets lost amidst the different varieties and styles of staple guns. To ease confusion, the following tips would guide you in choosing the best manual staple gun.


Hand grip

Available in different shapes and sizes, they are not created equal. Thus, it’s important to look into its hand grip shape and feel so that your hands face the minimum pain possible during handling. It’s best to opt for those which have rubber grips on inside which prevent slipping due to sweat.

Size and ease of use

While the size selected must be comfortable for your use, it’s important to choose a gun that is light and easy on hands and arms as well as easy to maneuver. It must work like an extension of your arm.


Finally, the durability of the gun should be taken into consideration. They should be tough enough to last you years and give your investment worth.

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