The Types Of Actuators And How To Get Them!

Actuators convert any electrical energy into corresponding mechanical energy. Piezoelectric actuators can have a wide range of applications such as precision of microscopic scale and in motors. There is almost zero maintenance for the piezoelectric actuators and there are no moving parts, which makes them very reliable.

It is always better to purchase from a piezoelectric manufacturer as their products are more reliable. Also these companies provide a lot of varieties in their actuators and they can even be customized according to your needs.

The Features To Look For

  • Stack actuators – small pieces of the piezoelectric material are stacked in the form of multiple slabs to generate the stack actuator. They have a wide range of both power and voltage. They are more efficient than conventional motors.
  • Strip actuators – two piezoelectric materials are electrically bonded together after which they get polarized in different directions. They are mostly used in small pumps, accelerometers, switches, etc.


  • Disk actuators – bimorph and unimorph are the two types of disk actuators. A metal plate consists of the base on which the piezoelectric materials are attached. They are mostly Used for fire alarms and sound production

Well now that you know all about the actuators make sure to keep these features in mind while buying one!

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