The Basics Preview of Ear Stretching for Beginners

Ear stretching implies slowly enlarging the ear piercing to increasingly accommodate larger sizes of jewellery. Here the tissue is slightly stretched and then allowed to relax and heal at that increased size. The process can then be repeated unlimited times. But it must always be done correctly with the extremely stretched holes allowed to be produced. Incorrect or improperly done ear stretching can cause tearing and bleeding and even infection and potential scarring. It can also make the subsequent stretching painful as well as difficult. Only a slow and proper stretching will keep the piercing elastic and healthy.

ear stretching

Materials used for Ear Stretching

Ear stretching is viewed as a mode of self expression. There are varied types of materials used for ear stretching like silicone; organic gauges like wood, horn, bone etc.; acrylics, steel, glass or stone. While choosing the material, you must ascertain that the material is safe for your ears and that the ears are properly healed before the ear stretching is actually done.

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Of all the materials, silicon is the most popular choice because it’s very easy to insert due to its soft and flexible nature. Organic gauges are the next in popularity due to their natural aesthetics and their property to be carved into amazing designs.

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