Some basic essentials you must not forget to carry at immigration Clinic

The immigration clinics have been in high demand for the past few months because the majority of people are going abroad. And the immigration medical examination is the most vital thing when you are applying for your visa.

The embassy requires your full body examination report by the recognized medical clinic. If you are required to have the immigration medical examination, then you are advised to book an appointment at

The best thing is that you can choose the dates accordingly as there is a lot of the different doctors available on this website.

Following are the some of the most essential details.

Do not forget to carry your identity card

This is the most essential thing that you must carry when you are going to have your medical examination at the immigration clinic. Make sure to carry the national identity card or any other identity proof which has your picture along with your signatures. The copies of your identity cards are not at all accepted.

Old medical reports

This is the other essential thing to be included by if you have booked your appointment at the immigration clinic as they will surely ask you about your medical history. If you were suffering from any kind of health issue in your past time, then you have to give them the clear details about the status of those diseases along with the medication details.

The best thing is that they have a team of the surgeon who is specially appointed to give you the best possible solutions to heal from this issue in less time.

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