Sleeping position and choice of mattress

Everyone has their own preferred position for sleeping and the way they reach their comfort throughout the night. But not everyone is aware thatwhen sleeping on the wrong mattress type, it can cause long term damage to the spine,increase joint pains or enhance back problems. When you visit Mattress sale Tucson, you should be aware of your sleeping position and choose a mattress as per that.  Whether you like sleeping on your stomach, back or side, it is important to remember that, not all mattresses will cater to your specific needs.

  • Stomach sleeper: When you sleep on the stomach, it puts pressure on the lungs and breasts and thus, not the ideal position for everyone. If you choose a latex mattress at Mattress sale Tucson,then it is likely going to increase pressure on the lungs and other organs due to its springy nature.

The best mattress to choose when you are a stomach sleeper is one which is soft or plush memory foam mattress as it can contour and mold to the shape of your body without being too firm and causing discomfort. So when you lie flat on your stomach, the foam will sink in lower to form a cushion around the protruding body parts which are on the lower side of your stomach.

  • Side sleepers: A sleeping position that provides spinal alignment is what could be considered as the optimum one. This makes the spine be as straight as possible throughout the night making the side sleeping position ideal for most people. On average, one sleeps for 8 hours meaning, 1/3 of the day is spent sleeping. If during that time you end up causing damage to your spine, you are likely creating future back problems.

As a side sleeper, when you buy a mattress at Mattress sale Tucson,you need to get one that will give you level support. If you decide to lie down on a hard and flat surface on your side, it will leave gaps between you and the surface near your waist and neck. This is not good because gravity the constant downward pull and there will be spinal misalignment which will cause neck pains.

There will also be spinal misalignment near your waist which in the process, will lead to lower back pain. You have to ensure that, the mattress that you pick at Mattress sale Tucson is the right one as per your sleeping style and in this case, you have to go for a hybrid mattress.

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