SkinCare – Helpful Skin Tanning Tips For Maintaining Healthy Glow For Long

When lying under the sun or on indoor tanning bed, the ultra-violet rays are quite damaging. Skin tanning tips given below will help you keep a healthy glow for long.


Tip 1 – Stay hydrated

  • After using a tanning bed or lying under the sun, drink a lot of water
  • Tanning dehydrates the skin making you feel dry, parched, and dizzy.

Tip 2 – Moisturizer

  • Apply moisturizer directly on the skin, after tanning.
  • When you are on a summer holiday, it is recommended that you use moisturize twice daily.
  • Use a good moisturizer that includes tan-enhancing ingredients, which stimulates the production of melanin to help maintain the tan. Find more info about Sun Tanning Tips.
  • Apply sun-creams liberally to make the tan look healthy.

Tip 3 – Frequency

  • Tanning often is not good, so allow time between 2 tanning sessions.
  • Frequent tanning causes skin damages and increases skin cancer risks.

Tip 4 – Apply sunless tanner

  • Sunless tan lotion applied over the tan helps to keep it dark for long.
  • Sunless tan lotion includes chemicals, which darken your skin’s outer layer.
  • It helps to eliminate the toxic UVA as well as UVB rays to affect the tan.
  • Before applying sunless tanner, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin.
  • Apply lotion in smooth strokes to get best coverage.
  • In case, you used a lot of sunless tanner then apply depilatory cream to remove color and you can retry for more natural look.


Tip 5 – Avoid waxing

  • Avoid skin-stripping treatments that include glycolic acid, fruit acids, and salicyclic acids.
  • Hair removal creams and waxing rips your skins top layer along with the tan.

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