Signs That Your Body Is Demanding a Deep Tissue Massage

It’s one thing to look after your body and keep it in balance, but it is another to know when to get that deep tissue massage. As you only have one body to take you through life, you need your body to be in good working order.

So, the following are a few signs to look out for when considering deep tissue massage classes.

Your workouts have become monotonous
If you have lost your range of motion in your exercise and your strength gains in the gym have slowed, a deep tissue massage may be the solution.

Lower back pain has become a part of you
It has been months since the suffering began, and you can’t recall a moment when you were not in pain. Now is the moment to act and take action.

You hunch at your desk
This may seem familiar to office workers – hunching over your computer can lead to poor posture. Deep tissue massage can aid in muscular relaxation by rubbing away tension, making it easier to sit a little taller.

You have completed a sporting challenge
You have completed a strenuous task, and your legs are hurting and heavy two days later. If you are training for an endurance event, such as a marathon, and your calves are tight by the 3-mile mark, it’s time for a deep tissue massage.

You often get headaches
This is a tell-tale indicator that your neck and shoulder muscles are tense and unbalanced, indicating that you could use a deep tissue massage.

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