Signs Indicating You Are Victim of Sexual Harassment

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What constitutes a sexual harassment behaviour? Laws have made it clear but sometimes it is hard to determine if a specific conduct or act falls under sexual harassment or not.

What is sexual harassment?

EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission], the US agency describes sexual harassment as ‘unwelcome sexual advances, sexual favour requests, and other physical or verbal harassment of sexual nature’.

According to the US Justice department, sexual assault to be more physical and less verbal. ‘Any kind of sexual behaviour or contact, which takes place without clear approval of the recipient. Under sexual assault falls forcible sodomy, sexual intercourse, incest, fondling, child molestation, and attempted rape.’

If you are a victim of sexual harassment or sexual advances in Los Angeles or anywhere in the US contact sexual harassment lawyer Orange County. If you still doubt if your case is legitimate or not, it is wise to discuss it with a lawyer. Below are signs indicating you are sexually harassed.

  • Undesired sexual propositions
  • Employment benefits for sexual favours
  • Leering
  • Making sexual gestures
  • Showing sexually suggestive pictures, calendars, objects, posters, or cartoons
  • Making derogatory remarks
  • Written indecent propositions, statements or invitations of sexual nature
  • Unwanted physical conduct like assault, touching, blocking movements or impeding
  • After negative reply to sexual advances making threatening retaliation
  • Eve teasing
  • Sexually tinted remarks, staring or whistling
  • Obscene jokes which causes embarrassment or awkwardness
  • Openly taunting a person’s imperfect physical appearance
  • Gender based insults
  • Showing sexually offensive material
  • Forcible date invitations
  • Forcible molestation
  • Physically confining against one’s will

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Along with harassment, people subjected to victimisation [threats if complaint is filed] need not fear. The law takes strict steps against victimisation.


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