Setting In CSGO And Equipment Used To Play The Game Are Very Important!

Xantares is an amazing online streamer who plays CSGO and makes the game even more interesting. When a person plays for the first time get so many problems about what settings they should choose and what equipment’s they should buy?

And to become a pro in the game is the most important thing that a person has to consider. If you talk about the new config update for Xantares, you will know how beneficial it is.

Check XANTARES settings on

Every streamer has their equipment, and that is what makes them unique from others, and they play in the best possible way. That is why you need to learn from them and then opt for your style; if you think that you want to play better, then you can go with them and use the same equipment as they have.


The streamers mostly use a bit low quality as they have their old monitors because they do not want to change their screens or settings as it can affect their game. And that is why you may not find the high quality, but different streamers use different settings and try to grip the game.


Most of these streamers like Xantares play on the PC as they have a monitor, mouse, keyboard. It is because they handle everything from the equipment because it makes things easy and handy for you.

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