Selecting the mattress based on your weight and sleeping positions

Everyone has their own unique style of sleeping. Some sleep on their back, some on their stomach, sides, some even change positions throughout their sleep. It depends on the person, sometimes it even depends on his or her work positions at the end of the day. The quality of sleep increases if utmost care is taken in selecting the mattress from mattress store Katy Houston.

For back sleepers

  • Firmness and support is to be checked well while selecting a mattress for back sleepers
  • When a highly soft mattress is selected, it might cause the body sink and result in back pain
  • The mattress chosen should provide pressure relief and good support
  • However, research shows only 20% of the people sleep on their back. Therefore they are unique.
  • Memory Foam mattresses are the best suited for them. This is mainly because, it provides best holds and settles on any structure. So the back bone rests comfortably.If you Are Looking For the Best mattress store Katy Houston, Please Check

For side sleepers

  • Often people sleeping on sides experience discomfort and hip pains. Though it is the most healthy sleeping position
  • This is mainly because not choosing the right mattress from the mattress store Katy Houston.
  • Side sleepers should opt for medium soft mattresses
  • The firmness level should be 4 to 5 on 10
  • Memory foam might not be the best option.
  • When spring mattress or latex is chosen, feel the firmness level by lying down and by pressing gently


  • Sleeping on stomach is considered unhealthy as it causes digestion problems
  • However, selecting a good mattress from the mattress store Katy Houstonwill help in nullifying its bad effects.
  • The problem with the position is that entire body weight is loaded on the stomach making it highly difficult to do its job
  • Therefore it is recommended to select a mattress that distributes the weight across the entire body
  • For such sleepers memory foam mattress and latex mattress are best suited

Light weight (< 150 pounds)

  • For such people the firmness should be 5 on 10
  • However if one needs a softer mattress, he can opt for a pillow cover mattress with firmness of 5 on 10

Average (150 – 200 pounds)

  • Firmness of 6 or 7 suits such people
  • Plush options can be selected if the person wants a soft touch

Heavy persons (> 200 pounds)

  • Very thick beds of 12 inch or more thickness is recommended.
  • Coil mattresses also suit well as heavier persons tend to sweat early as compared to others

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