Positioning Of Home Security Camera Is Crucial For Optimal Surveillance

Home security systems installed gives peace of mind to the residents. However, proper placement of the cameras is crucial.

Some vital factors needs to be considered while installing the equipment for efficient performance.

  • Home size and shape
  • Number of doors & windows
  • Home layout


Tips to position home security camera

Front & back door

  • These are common access point of break in.
  • 34% burglars break through front door.
  • 22% sneak inside through back door.
  • Cameras in vision can deter the thieves.
  • Cameras even allow you to check who is at the door as well as keep an eye on the order package you are expecting (it may get stolen).

(Tip – The cameras need to be visible, but out of reach)

Living area

  • Living room is always active and is a handy place where you keep important items.
  • It can be a stranger or your housekeeper potentially doing unwanted activities.

(Tip – Small or concealed camera helps you to keep watch, whenever you are not around.)


  • It is the best place for robbers because there are bushes, trees and other things to hide behind.

(Tip – A visible security camera can make the thieves hesitant.)


  • People store vehicle repair equipments and many household things in the garage, so it is a popular target.
  • 9% thieves enter via the garage.

(Tips – Camera positioning needs to be in such a way that you get a view of driveway and garage door.)


First floor windows

  • Roughly 23% housebreakers get in through accessible first floor window.

(Tip – Positioning security camera pointing at any easy to access window is wise.)

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