Maintenance Tips for Porcelain Veneers Once You Get Them


Quality porcelain veneers will replicate the look of your own natural teeth and generally have a life expectancy that ranges from 10 to 15 years.

Over the course of time, these veneers get corroded and need to be replaced but since they are expensive; you need to take proper maintenance measures to ensure that they serve their intended purpose for the intendedperiod of time.

Listed below are maintenance tips for veneers that you need to keep in mind.

Follow Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

Having porcelain veneers only slightly changes your oral hygiene routine. As such; you need to continue brushing twice a day or after meals, flossing and gargling with an effective mouthwash, even after getting veneers. This routine prevents your good teeth from being damaged and has a cleaning effect on your veneers.

It is possible that veneers are more easily stained than natural teeth resulting in a contrast between your veneers and natural teeth that is far from aesthetic. Daily brushing can largely prevent this from happening.

Additional Tips

Apart from your regular oral care routine; it’s best that you switch to whitening toothpaste to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your veneers. Floss with care to avoid damage and stay away from teeth staining chewing tobacco and cigarettes.

Keep in mind all of the suggestions listed above, and your porcelain veneers are sure to serve their intended purpose for the intendedperiod. When you read Dr.Lior Tamir Reviews you will know how he is one of the top dentists who offers high quality porcelain veneers.

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