Important tips to purchase Dog Clothes

Dog clothing has become a booming business in the pet world today. They not only provide a fashion appeal but also keep the dog warm during cold months as well as protect their skin from both intense sun and outdoor allergens. The following tips would help you choose the right size.

dog clothing

Before you measure the dog, he should be groomed, i.e., his collar removed and the fur of the dog to be given a proper brushing from the back down to the tail. This helps in accurate measurement.

Now let the dog stand straight. Now measure the dog using a measuring tape from the base of the neck on the top and down to the base of the tail. This is the length of the dog’s shirt, sweaters, and all full coverage clothes.

Next, comes adjusting the measurement. This collar-to-tail measurement needs to be shortened for the male dog clothes that do not have a cut-out for the belly and groin area. This helps in preventing the underside of the clothes from getting wet when the dog urinates.

dog clothing1

Another important tip is to purchase pet clothes made of a stretchy fabric like spandex, cotton, etc. which are more comfortable to wear, make it easy to be put on and off the dog and can be accommodating if the dog puts on any weight.

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