Hydrogen Production by Electrolyzer

Each time an energy component framework is sold, an interest in hydrogen is made. As a rule, it is provided with a conveyance of packaged hydrogen, which makes issues for the expense and coordination.

Water electrolysis is a spotless method to create hydrogen on location and enables the client to dispense with calculated expenses by delivering what you require, when you require it and where you require it.

Acta plans and produces practical electrolyzer dependent on its interesting protected innovation, meanwhile consolidating the advantages of conventional soluble and PEM electrolysis.

Basic information on electrolyser

The beat electrolyzer innovation has an antacid strong polymeric layer, enabling it to be utilized with discontinuous vitality sources, as with a PEM framework, and emanating honorable metals because of the basic condition. Therefore, the framework has the execution of PEM, at the expense of soluble.

What the top Electrolyser do??

The best Electrolyzer can likewise utilize separated water, making it easy to use, particularly for remote areas. The hydrogen is delivered at 30 bars and is dry without the requirement for mechanical blower or dryer. The effortlessness of the framework makes it financially savvy, proficient and solid. At 30 bars pressure the hydrogen can likewise be put away efficiently on location in LPG tanks.


The electrolyser run is from 100 up to 1000 litres of hydrogen generation every hour. These sizes are perfect for household sustainable power source stockpiling, light energy component vehicle refuelling, instructive and research facility applications and telecom back up power.

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