How to Use the Perfect Skin Care Routine with Skin Glow?

The skin requires constant attention and a proper care routine to keep in top shape. With everyday work stress, lifestyle habits, and pollution taking their toll, it is even more important to have a correct skin care product in your arsenal to fight for you. Fortunately, skin glow has emerged as a perfect product for urbanites to deal with their skin woes. You do have to maintain a steady routine with the product to see visible results that are long lasting and consistent. Here is a look at the perfect skin care routine to adapt with the product.


The deep cleansing

Always ensure that you deep clean your face before applying their product first thing in the morning. Deep cleansing will depend on the type of skin you have. If you have oily or porous skin, you will need to use an exfoliant prior to using the product. If you have sensitive or dry skin, simply wash your face with warm water and face wash but use a soft washcloth to scrub your face during this routine.


The massage

Once you have deep cleaned your face, take a small amount of the product, and apply all over the face in small dabs. Take your ring finger to dab the cream with slight pressure around the eye. Use your fingers to rub the cream in upward circular motion to let the product absorb properly in to your skin.

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