How To Prevent Spray Nozzle Common Issues?

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Even though spray nozzles are designed for precision, they wear overtime during cleaning operations. Nozzles need maintenance but sometimes they can plug, which badly affect the process cost and performance. Below are some common spray nozzle issues to stay away from.


Due to consistent high pressure flow of liquid through spray nozzle orifice, erosion gets caused overtime. Gradually flow eliminates metal and orifice enlarges. Thus, the flow increases and pressure reduces affecting the spray pattern [irregular].

Water quality

Even water quality impacts the health of spray nozzles. Fixed water spray nozzles using clean water has few blockage issues. You can select a spray gun with capabilities to clean nozzle while water is running. For More Information About the Best water spray nozzles, Please Check


Specific wash-down conditions need increased liquid temperatures to improve cleaning. Elevated temperatures soften the metal causing holes of nozzle to wear off.


Corrosion of spray nozzle’s body and orifice depends on liquid used to spray and nozzle environment. Selection of proper material is significant, while using it in corrosive scenario. For example, when using bleach use titanium nozzle.


Filler and mineral build-up from dissolved materials like iron can impact the spray nozzle holes adversely. Thus nozzle displays reduced the flow, increased pressure and poor spray pattern.

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Accidental damage to the nozzle

Use of sharp objects like wire or pocket knife can damage spray nozzle orifice. Avoid these but you can use water, air and toothbrush for cleaning.

Filtration is crucial

For protecting spray nozzle proper filtration is essential. Filtration to pump’s inlet side and shower inlet are crucial filtering position. Different kinds of filters can be used like pressure filters and gravity strainers.


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