How to prevent mattresses from sliding down from adjustable beds?

The most annoying part of the mattress is that they slide down the bed frame. Especially if the mattress is used on adjustable beds Denver, it moves around so easily as the position of the bed frame is changed frequently. Here is a complete guide to prevent the mattress from sliding down from adjustable beds

Reasons for the mattress to slide

  1. Old mattress – An old mattress on an adjustable bed tends to slide down more. This is mainly because as years pass by these mattresses collect layer of body oil and dirt on the bottom and hence the sliding.
  2. No friction – If a two-sided memory foam mattress is used on the adjustable beds Denver, it tends to slip easily. This is because the material is very smooth and does not give enough grip against the bed
  3. Improper support – If the bed frame of the adjustable bed is too large for the mattress, the mattress slides down. There are some frames that provide space to accommodate bedding. However, if there is too much of space the mattress might start sliding.

How to prevent mattress sliding?

  1. Mattress non – slip pads –It is the most economical way to stop the mattresses from sliding. They come in rubber options. One just has to place this in between the mattress and the adjustable beds Denver. Measure the bed before buying the slip pads.
  2. Velcro –They have adhesive strips. These strips are pasted one on the mattress and other on the bed. Make sure the loop pieces are opposite while fixing
  3. Bed frame – If the mattress is sliding from the frame, it is mainly because the size of the frame does not fit the mattress accurately. There are some spaces left. To fix this problem, one should fill the spaces with something. It can be rolled up bed towels, a wooden plank, etc. One can also get a different size mattress to fit in the bed frame accurately. Make sure to take proper measurements of the bed before buying mattress as mattresses are not cheap.\
  4. Mattress model – In some cases the flappable mattresses have comfort materials on them that are not slip resistant. They are too smooth for the mattress to stay on the adjustable beds Denver. In these cases, the only solution is to change the mattress.

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