How To Know Whether You Are Eligible For Worker’s Compensation Benefit

Worker’s compensation benefit is the right of any employee, who gets hurt or catches some illness while working or due to work. This right entitles an employee to seek compensation against the loss incurred. It doesn’t matter what medical expenses have been incurred or whose fault was it any ways.

The eligibility

There are instances when you must seek an injury on job attorney. This is needed because there are certain eligibility criteria to be fulfilled, as without it, you may not gain the compensation benefits.  The requirements are:

  • The company should come legally under the bracket of providing compensation
  • You are an employee of the same organization
  • The loss incurred should be related to work

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Some special rules

There is a certain group of workers that do not qualify for the compensation benefit provided by the company. They are:-

  • Domestic help
  • Farmers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Workers on loan
  • Workers that are not documented

Even if there is someone who claims that they do fall into the bracket of deriving compensation, then it is better to involve an attorney.

The aspects that fetch you justice

The instances that are legal for you to derive compensation are the injuries of the following type:-

  • Orthopedic injury
  • Neurological injury
  • Psychological injury
  • Stress levels
  • Trauma injury
  • Chemical exposure
  • Injuries that lead to death

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Yes, you are entitled for several benefits provided by a professional organization, to which you are an employee. But, there is legality involved at every turn. Follow the rules and avail the benefits.

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