Get IT Skills Validated From AWS Which Is Offering Cheap Aws Certification Cost

In the beginning, when a person opens a company, it has a small or medium infrastructure. Hence the server room is also not so big. If the company keeps on rising, employees can be transferred to another building but it is not feasible to expand the server room every time the need arises. So, the company takes the help of cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also offers various certifications. Aws certification cost is quite reasonable and recommended to IT professionals.

What is AWS certification?

AWS conducts various exams for an IT professional to demonstrate their skills in cloud technology. The person passing any of those exams will be given an AWS certification to validate their cloud computing skills. Although AWS certification expires after two years yet it could be recertified by IT pros after its expiry.

AWS certification exam can be broadly classified into three categories namely associate, professional and specialty level exams. All three follow MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format.

Associate level exam

Aws certification costof the associate certification exams is the lowest. It includes the following-

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Best suited for professionals having experience in designing, managing and distributing applications. In this exam, candidates have to demonstrate their skills in conjunction with the tools and services of AWS. Its time duration is 130 minutes
  • AWS Certified Developer-Test the skills of developing and maintaining the applications based on AWS along with the knowledge of AWS codes. Test time is 80 minutes
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- This exam is all about the operational aspects. Conceptual knowledge and technical expertise of the AWS architecture is required to pass the examination. The time duration of the exam is 80 minutes

Professional level exam

Aws certification cost is just the double of associate exams and exam is of 170 minutes. It is of two types:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- This exam try to screen in a professional who can optimize AWS architecture according to the requirement of an organization
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- It deals with managing, handling and delivering of applications on AWS platform

Specialtylevel exam

Cost is the same as that of a professional exam while test time is 170 minutes. It is again of two types:

  • AWS Certified Big Data- It deals with data analytics
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking- It validates the skills of a candidate in performing difficult networking tasks

With Aws certification cost with in the range, it is probably the best option for IT professionals to validate their skills.

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