Features of Innerspring Mattress


Innerspring mattresses have existed since the first quarter of the 20th century. For many decades, these were considered the best mattresses. With years passing by, many other models of mattresses have been manufactured. This doesn’t mean that innerspring has ceased to exist. Several individuals still prefer innerspring mattresses due to different reasons.  Mattress firm Houston has not remained behind in listening to the market demands.

Features of an innerspring mattress

It is good to know what to look at as you go for your innerspring mattress.

  1. Coil count

Coil count has always gone hand in hand with the price of the mattress. The higher the coil count, the higher the price of the particular mattress. The coil count doesn’t always tell of the quality or durability of a mattress. Don’t be fooled.  The quality and type, as well as the strength of the coils, count as well in determining the quality and durability of the mattress.

  1. Continuous

It is common in below medium-priced mattresses. It contains wires forming a mesh system that runs from the head to the foot in roes. The main complaint of this mattress is the noise it produces.

  1. Offset

This is a type of coil arrangement found in mattresses that are priced mostly from medium to high. Most people prefer this kind of mattress because of the motion isolation and support it offers. This mattress tends to be stronger and durable due to the coil arrangement and the quality of the metal of the coil.

  1. Gauge

Mattress firm Houston also uses the gauge in their mattress production. The gauge’s main purpose is measuring the diameter of the wire making the coil. The higher gauge coils are usually soft making the mattress, more flexible.

  1. Bonnell

This kind of innerspring mattress resembles the offset mattress. It is different from the absence of the squared ends. Their relatively poor motion isolation and less durability makes them less preferred compared to offset innerspring mattresses. Nevertheless, they are generally less expensive.

  1. Pocket

Mattress firm Houston also offers mattresses with good support and firmer as well as fair motion isolation mattresses. Pocket coil constructed mattress will include a wide range of mattresses varying in there making.  They can be included in the polyfoam mattresses.


The innerspring mattress will continue holding their place in the market. Mattress firm Houston will also continue producing more of quality innerspring mattresses. Get the best innerspring mattress that matches with your needs. If you have enough money to spend, get the best innerspring mattress with proven support, good motion isolation and is durable.

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