Facts Related to the Healing Procedure of the Heart of the Shaman

For thousands of years, the entire world, ranging from Tibet to America, is involved with a healing procedure in a shamanic way. The healing tradition is associated with the belief that you must heal and give your honor to mother earth. Mother earth is considered as a conscious living organism.

The heart of the shaman believes that the earth is a sacred female goddess who has the power to nourish this existence. This power must be cherished with prayers and ceremonies.

A few points will be considered in order to give you a brief idea about the heart of the shaman.

  • The shamanic way of healing is not restricted to physical healing but is rather involved in maintaining the balance and harmony of nature.
  • They teach how to make contact with all the living beings, see your life in all things. Thus, making you feel that life and health are deep-seated within your heart, you need to nourish it and take care of.
  • As shamanism believes in all life being interrelated and sacred. So, be it rocks, plants, animals or any other creature, they assume all have personal identities. The shaman develops a personal relationship with them.
  • The shamans pray not only for himself but for all the sacred life, mother earth, and father sun.

Shamanism is an art that seeks to maintain healing and restore natural balance. The belief that all life is one makes a shaman more responsible for bringing harmony and balance to the world. This shows the heart of the shaman seeks to maintain the well-being of each and every creature.

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