Everything You Want To Know About the Assets and Liabilities Management

Assets and Liabilities management is essential to keep the profitability of the business at its peak, and ensure maximum utilization of resources at the same time. Assets and liabilities management ensures that the liabilities of the company stays balanced and does not exceed the red line, which can negatively impact the company’s long-term business objectives.

What is an Asset?
Anything that is owned by you or your company is an asset, which can be property, inventory, cash, machineries, buildings, land, bonds, and so on.

What is a Liability?
Liabilities can be defined as the financial obligations that the company has, which also can be in the form of services that needs to be rendered or the cash that needs to be paid.

Benefits of Assets and Liabilities Management
• Helps enhance profitability of the company.
• Keeps liabilities controlled and in check.
• Helps improve transparency in the business.

What is ALM Treasury?
• ALM Treasury are required by mostly banking institutions to help manage the long-term financing needs as well as ensuring short-term expenses are taken care of in an organized manner.

• ALM deals with risk-analysis and long-term financing needs.
• Treasury deals with small and ongoing expenses of the organization.

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