Do You Know the Reality of Life?


Our sense organs like the nose, eyes, ears, skin, and tongue, help us in understanding the various things we encounter through touch, smell, taste, vision, and sound. However, if you have to interact with the outside world none of your senses like eyes, nose, ears or hands can actually sense them. Neither your brain can have direct access to the outside world. Though our brain has never seen the outside world, nothing stops our imagination from seeing the outside world.

Then what is reality? Is it the things that we can sense through our organs or the one that we can imagine and see through our mental eyes?

There are many blind people who have never seen the world in their life but their brain can see the things and they can accurately describe any object like any of us who has eyes can. Therefore, there are many kinds of microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays, X-rays that must be passing through our bodies and we are totally unaware about it. Our usual sensory systems cannot detect them.

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Our brain in fact works with electromechanical signals and it assigns meaning to anything that is not visible to us. The brain does not care from where it got the input but it can figure it out and does that very efficiently.

Therefore, it becomes further difficult to explain what reality is. Do we know why yawning or giggling is contagious? Why do we feel happy in the presence of certain people? There are lots of questions but no answers yet.

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