DIY Home Security Projects to Complete During a Weekend

In the US, there is one burglary occurring every 20 seconds. It doesn’t mean your home has to be a robber’s next target. Some DIY home security projects, can be completed on a weekend. 

  • The majority of homeowners hide their house keys under the mat or beneath the garden planter on the patio. Burglars know where to search, so instead of hiding keys outdoors.  give them to your trusted neighbor. You can even consider installing a smart door lock, which unlocks from a mobile app. The electric keypad deadbolt needs a code to unlock rather than a key.
  • Install a wireless home alarm monitoring system. The installation gets concluded within not more than 45 minutes. The system is more dependable as there are no cables that the robbers can cut to disable the system from local police. 
  • Install motion-activated or floodlights to illuminate dark spots around the property.
  • Check the home windows for inoperable locks. Replace them if needed. Contact sensors are great because if someone tries to break in you will know.
  • Replace vulnerable front doors that break with a kick with solid wood or quality steel doors. 
  • Install door and window shades making it hard for potential burglars to detect if you are home or not. There are smart window treatments, which can be controlled via a connected device. It helps to avert prying eyes.
  • Replace the susceptible locks with high-grade strong deadbolts. Once you install the strong deadbolt ensure to use it!

Make your house less susceptible to break-ins!

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