Detailed Information about Ear Tunnelling Sizes and Styles

Ear stretching is a body art, which enlarges regular sized holes in ear lobes. It is also popular as ear tunnelling.

  • During stretching process a special kind of plug or tunnel is worn.
  • It actually looks like jewellery.
  • It is worn to pass a statement about fashion interest and style.


Ear gauge sizes

  • Piercings are measured in micrometers.
  • Gauge wheel calculates the external body diameter of the jewellery.
  • Piercing needles are available with gauges ranging from 00G – 20G.
  • Smaller gauge actually creates large piercing holes.

Different styles

Ear plugs gauges style basically relies on personal preference included appearance and desired size.

  • Taper gauges with O-rings are cone shaped tapering from smaller to bigger size.
  • Plugs style are available in single and double flare designed from organic materials like stainless steel, wood, glass, stone, acrylic, and bone.
  • Fake gauges have small gap between two separate sections. The two sections can be pulled apart to allow front unit to slide inside the earlobe hole and get attached to the second back section. For More Information about Plugs Gauges, please check soscene.

Taking care of ears after new gauge gets added

  • Often clean the area, while gauging.
  • First wash hands with anti-bacterial soap prior handling the body jewellery.
  • Dip cotton ball in warm water and wipe the piercing.
  • Cover the pierced section with antibacterial soap clean it with clean towel.
  • Paper towel is best to clean the pierced section because it can be thrown away, after removing the soap.



  • Earlobe healing takes place in 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Avoid change of gauge frequently because it can cause scarring.
  • Scarring makes it hard to increase gauge size.
  • Gauging success depends on elasticity and vascularity of the skin.

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