Check out the most beautiful places to visit in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a dream destination point for those who love being surrounded by water, who are interested in discovering historical & cultural places and those you like to travel. To conclude the capital of Sweden in a few words is a difficult task.

Stockholm is the best place for any person to visit. The things to do and the place to visit, as mentioned in the free walking tour Stockholm are endless.

Let’s check out the most famous and attractive sites on the land of Stockholm:

  1. Gamla Stan: the area that is believed to be the home of the royal families. It displays the medieval artwork and history of Stockholm. The roads are made out of cobblestone. It is a chic place that also possesses the Nordic eatables.
  2. Vasa Museum: Stockholm is known as the city surrounded by water or the Venice of the north. This is shown by the most significant and most powerful warships of 17th century preserved at this museum.
  3. The royal palace: this is the place where the royal families of Stockholm used to live. The mansion has about 600 rooms. There are a lot of antiques to see and discover at the place. This place is open for people to visit.
  4. City hall: this is the most central building of the place. This is a municipal building that conducts the annual Nobel Prize ceremony.
  5. Skansen: this is fun when traveled with kids. It is an open-air museum that preserves flora and fauna of the place.

The streets are made with the razor-thin cobblestone, and the building is also antique models of architecture. The great history of the place is reserved here. The site is nearby the Baltic Sea. It also comprises of 14 islands, and around 60 bridges hat connect various place in Stockholm.

There are parks and garden for you to enjoy the picnic with your family. Wander around the areas and bridges while walking to savor the beauty of the place thoroughly.

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