Are you sleeping in the right posture? It could be the reason for your chronic back pain

Lower back pain accounts for the problems of a very large number of people, globally. There are many reasons for lower back pain. For instance, there are individuals who suffer from chronic pain as a result of age-related complications. Similarly, there are others who suffer because of health issues. However, the third category of individuals are those who suffer from lower back pain because of the wrong posture at work or while at rest. It is worthwhile to point out that the average man spends almost one-third of his life sleeping. In other words, if your sleep position is wrong, you are most likely to end up with severe back pain.

Why your spine needs flexible, variable support

The spine needs support that is flexible and variable. In other words, the extent of support needs to be lesser in some sections, and heavier elsewhere. To understand this better, it is necessary to know that the spine undergoes decompression when in a prone position. This effectively means that the spine requires the right kind of support. The cushioning effect needs to help the spine rest in the normal curvature position. This support needs to be constant throughout the different stages of sleep that stretch to seven hours. You therefore need to choose a suitable model from Mattress Sale Portland to offer your spine total support.

Spinal health is affected when sleeping posture is affected

If you happen to end up choosing the wrong mattress, chances are that you will sleep in the wrong posture. Regardless of what you may have heard about the most ideal sleeping positions, you to be aware that every individual is comfortable sleeping in different positions. You cannot force a person to adopt a different position, as that will impact the quality of sleep. An individual who finds that sleeping on his side is the most comfortable needs to stick to that. If you choose a mattress that is not of the right thickness or comprising very layers, it is likely that you will find it difficult to sleep on your side. A good mattress from Mattress Sale Portland will help you to sleep in a natural position always.

Advanced materials and multilayer designs for enhanced comfort

Mattresses that are presently available in Mattress Sale Portland are made of superior materials and come in advanced multi-layer designs that offer superior comfort. The different layers used in mattresses help in offering support, while the top layers are intended to wick away the heat. This helps to give the occupant greater comfort while sleeping. Did you know that the body temperature reduces when a person is asleep? A mattress that wicks away the heat will help to keep the body temperature lower, offering enhanced quality of sleep.

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