Are You Aware About Plus Points of Twin Mattress of Extra Length?

While selecting a right mattress size, several factors needs to be kept in mind, e.g. shopping budget, bedroom area and number of persons who will be sleeping on the mattress.

Majority of mattresses that are sold today are usually available in 6 standard sizes: twin mattress, Twin Extra Long mattress, Full/Double mattress, Queen-size, King-size and California king-size. Besides there are few mattresses that offers mattress of custom size too.

Here in this short write-up, we shall try to find the plus points of using mattress of any extra length. Usually any extra-long twin or simply twin extra-large mattress is of almost the same width like any standard twin mattress, which is 39”, but 5” longer.

Due to this difference in length, it provides extra-length twin mattress few advantages of more comfort, economy and flexibility.

Extra-Long Comfort

  • It provides extra inches and thereby increases the comfort level.
  • For any six feet tall person this type of mattress can provide more room for stretching.

Floor Plan Flexibility

  • Offers more options for using in any guest room or any other bed room of larger size
  • You can lay them either in parallel manner or at right angled manner and have plenty of flexibility

Seasonal Savings

  • You can get them at sale price during any summer sales season
  • You can have an extra stock with purchase of much lower price during seasonal sale

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